A sensational murder! 

A life and death battle over water!

Can a relentless reporter find the killer?  




What readers say about WATER…

“Terrific! Schneider's portraits of a narcissistic legislator (is this redundant?), a corrupt water buffalo (lawyer) and desperate farmers all ring true in this contemporary saga of Colorado water wars. The narrator, an aging boomer journalist returning to his craft after decades in advertising, is the idealistic glue that make this page turner a great read.” – CH/Political Operative

“I was hooked from the first page. As a former newsman, I followed right along with Vic as he chased down the killer using his old school talents as an investigative reporter.” –BS/former AP photographer

“WATER is filled with solid twists and turns. Full of surprises. A fast read. Impossible to put down. Vic is addictive. When’s his next adventure?” – JH/Filmmaker

“Compelling and interesting water issues behind the mystery. I enjoyed visualizing the locations - places I've been, places I know.” – ILP/Video Producer

“Grabs your attention immediately, setting your mind in a tizzy trying to figure out who did it.” – FB/Entrepreneur & Serious Baby Boomer Bicyclist